The Unkissed Man (2) On The Safe Side

When your father was violent, what did he do to you? Did you ever stand up to him? Did he ever punish you for something you didn't do?

I was such a small, child and he was a big muscular guy; I didn’t even come up to his waist. I was totally at his . I was too weak to defend myself or stand up to him and anyway, if I'd ever tried, I wouldn't be sitting here now—I'm pretty sure he would have killed me, and I'm not exaggerating. Once he me of stealing some bullets from a drawer. I did not steal those bullets, so I it at first. But he I was lying and hit me with a belt each time I said no. Eventually I I'd done it just so he would stop hurting me. This made him angrier. He called me a thief and a disgrace. I didn’t even know what “disgrace” meant, but I knew than to ask.

What faith are you? Did you grow up religious? Did your parents have anything to do with you being religious?

No, I got baptized in my 20s. I moved in with my grandparents, to away from my dad. They had a little cabin by the river that me of the Katharine Hepburn movie... you know which one I mean, right? Anyway, there was fishing and hunting, both of I really enjoyed. My grandmother was the one who introduced me to religion. I would have to the end of the Earth for that woman. She was a wonderful person and she me so much about life. So I do believe in God and all that, but frankly that’s not what me from dating or making out with girls. I was painfully shy (still am) and afraid of myself in front of these mysterious creatures. So I figured pretty early on that I'd be better staying away from them altogether, just to be on the side. I guess I never really that so that's where I find myself still, after all these years.