the unkissed man (2-2) how I spend my days

Do you work at the moment? Do you have financial worries? Who do you stay with?
No. I'm having some leg trouble and my back is out, not to mention many other medical . I gave up any hope of ever getting a job and a paycheck a long time ago. At this point I’m just waiting to get a decision on my disability so I can off the government. I’m lucky to have this friend who lets me stay in his trailer. I have only about $500 left, but it's fine because I don’t have to pay him any rent or . He's a good guy, very generous and . I once did him a and he's trying to repay me by letting me stay with him. I honestly don't know what I would do without him. Once I start getting some money, I'll try and pay back the whole .

What do you do with all that spare time? (Shouldn't you be doing something more meaningful?)
I spend most of my days just around on the internet. I check out Facebook first thing in the morning just to check on people who live fun lives and then I just sort of poke around. I know there are better things to do with my time, but I just can't it in me to make the . I'm kind of angry at myself for always giving up at first of trouble. I'm sick of being a , it's not something that I'm proud of, obviously. I'm sure I could have made something of myself if I'd just tried harder. But the truth is, I'm the age where I could do anything about it. I mean, that ship has sailed. Hey, don't feel sorry for me. I my bed, now I'm going to have to lie in it.