Get The Machete! (1) The Machete

My Dad has given me nothing advice my whole life. Not good advice necessarily, just random advice. In fact, to think of it, he only gave me one piece of good advice in my entire life. This happened when I was 18. when I sold my comic book collection and moved out of my parent's house. I moved to Sommerville, Ms. More , I moved to a very bad part of Somerville, Ms., called Somerville, Ms.

One day while I was in my Dad came over to the apartment and started assessing it, sure that I had everything I needed. At one point he stopped and asked me, very , Where is your machete? And until he asked me that, I didn't realize that up we always had a machete for some reason. So I go, I don't have one. And he goes, What are you gonna do? And I'm like, What do I need a machete ? Give me just one example.

He looks me right in eye and says, What are you gonna do if you get a of coconuts? And I'm like, I guess I'm just gonna how this happened, have I been magically transported to the island of Fiji? And he says, Listen, if someone in here and they're going to attack you, go that machete and they will run. And if they don't, you should. That was it, that was the advice.