Get The Machete! (2) The Monkey and the Outfits

Like poor kids, growing up my dad really wanted a monkey. There used to be a chain of department stores in Boston in the 60s that sold everything that Target sold it also sold spider monkeys. They cost $60 , and you could also buy outfits for the monkeys for $6 each.

So my dad saves up for 4 years, lawns, cleaning toilets, and washing cars. Then he walks into the store, plonks down $72 and says, I want a monkey and two outfits you need another outfit when one is washed, you can't have a naked monkey at any time—and I don't care what the outfits are as as one of them is a sailor suit.

The guy looks at him and he says, I'm so sorry, kid, but two weeks ago they passed this law and we're not allowed to sell monkeys . Now, that's news when you're 14, but , that's a pretty good law. I mean, any law that's selling monkeys, I wholeheartedly support that.

But it my dad's heart at the time. And the worst was, if he hadn't saved up for those outfits, he would have able to get that monkey. I'm pretty sure that is why he had me, that's my theory.