Get The Machete! (3) Exotic Pets

When I was growing up, my dad became with exotic pets. We had a little bit of extra money at one time and my Dad used to buy exotic pets. He and I go into a pet store, the owner would come out, which apparently is a big , he'd turn the sign on the door to CLOSED, he'd take us into the back room and be , You wanna buy these? I don't even know what it is. My dad would bring this thing home, he would ask everyone he knew for two weeks if they ever seen anything like this and then it would die. It was like that, and over again.

In 1988 Dad decides that he wants a snake, but convinces himself that I'm the one that wants a snake. I didn't and I don't now. A snake serves no at all. It is a green muscle with a thermometer for brain. But my dad's like, If you're good this year, Santa may bring you a snake for Christmas. I wanted to be good, but more than that, I did not want a snake.

So I'm . I'm like, Why are you me do this, Dad? I'm considering cutting girls' pigtails off, shoplifting, getting in trouble in school, anything to getting a snake for Christmas. This was my whole Xmas list 1988: item number one: not a snake. That's it, that's the whole list. If my father had gotten me nothing, he have gotten me everything on my Xmas list.