Get The Machete! (5) The Machete, Revisited

Pythons may not be poisonous but they have teeth. You really don't want to with them, least of all rubbing their nose in their own pee. The snake waits until my dad gets close enough and then it its move—it sinks its teeth into my dad's hand and it on for dear life.

Out of sheer shock, Dad does the funniest physical move you can do when you have a snake to your hand. He starts around and he goes, Aaaaargh! Get the machete! I need to cut its head off!

Let me tell you something—I my sweet time getting that machete. I walked very slowly over to the closet where we the machetes while my dad was doing what we later called the snake helicopter. I picked one and walked back , Someone in here need to be taught a lesson, but it sure as ain't that snake.

Anyway, the is, this is how traditions are born. And speaking of traditions, this one is most definitely a . It's not Christmas in our house until someone , Get that machete! I need to cut its head off!