Acronyms (1) YOLO

luckily we found some time to in a little R&R
he did what he always does-- AWOL for a week
Tim out my checking account and has been MIA since
you a year on a relationship that was DOA
Kids, Daddy got VD! -- Mom! TMI.-- Right. , FML
Mike's a , that's his MO, that's how he gets stuff
put a up to that photo, I'll still get a DUI
not only was it BYOB, it had a $10 door
oh, and FYI, next time maybe go on the eyeliner
so you're planning it all , like a DIY wedding?
is there another story? this one's too NSFW for my
a guy at work called me Girl --like, WTF?
don't up on a great opportunity. YOLO, right?
I wonder what's the ROI is on a college these days?