Oh, Albuquerque (2) Jason

Once we were hundreds of miles away from our friends and family, Jason became increasingly abusive, controlling, and manipulative. He would humiliate me in public and then blame me for him do it. He made me shower twice a day I wouldn't smell like French fries after work. There were accusations of cheating and hissy and what's now called gaslighting. Sometimes I'd wonder if I didn't better, but then Jason would do something sweet and I'd completely forgive him.

Now that we were on our own, I didn't really have people I could in anymore. I could have used a to cry on, but there wasn't one available. I was very isolated and I lost 20 pounds in about six months. And still I would have done anything to be with Jason. When I mentioned his behavior to a young male doctor, he smiled and said I needed to give Jason a . Boys will be boys, he said. You just gotta it out.

I waited tables at a that was famous for serving green chili cheeseburgers to scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project and the first nuclear bomb. One night this family came in and they were really friendly and . The dad ran a theater company and I found out he was from Las Vegas. I knew that there was a children's theater company in Las Vegas because I had this internet friend named David when I was 13 and even I'd never actually met David, he basically saved my life as a teenager.