Oh, Albuquerque (3) David

I was 13 years old when depression me for the first time. It started with headaches, then , plus a crushing sadness that kept me up all night and asleep all day. I almost 7th grade. Late at night, I'd cut the skin at the top of my thighs with a pair of scissors, high that when I into shorts for gym class, the cuts wouldn't show.

My best friend was a boy named David I'd met on a message board. He lived in Las Vegas and we talked almost every day, online or by phone. I paid for the with my babysitting money. Sometimes my dad would on our calls because he was of David's voice, but there was nothing about our relationship.

When I came up with what I thought was a brilliant plan, to collect all the medication in the house and stay home from school and it, David was the person I told. But David knew my home address. He called the police in my town. The police called my school. My school called my parents. At the time, I wasn't to David. I was , and angry with him for getting the adults . We drifted .