how an algorithm works

the obvious question is, why David Dao of all people? why was this passenger chosen out of over 100 people; and on what? it obviously wasn't a random choice, it wasn't an eeny miny moe type of situation

it out that these choices are generally made by an algorithm; a computer program that goes through a bunch of data and spits out the best possible solution; emotions and are not in the decision making

algorithms are mostly invisible, but they the world; they decide who's likely to repay a , they sort through people's and point to flags; the people who create them usually well, their intentions are good; but the results are sometimes scary and confusing

here the algorithm knew exactly what time each passenger in, how often they flew United, and how they were to switch to a competitor; it ended up choosing poor Dr. Dao as the valuable customer on this particular flight, one that the airline could to lose