animal idioms, p.1

* you lied to him in the beginning and just assumed that he'd figure it out--he didn't, and now
* well, since clearly , at least based on what I've heard people say in here, I might as well say it out loud
* should someone address or do you want us to act as if it's no big deal and keep it?
* there's no point in , man--clearly her heart isn't in the relationship anymore, she's just
* I'm just wondering, Jimmy, aren't you tired of being part of , constantly , sucking up to superiors?
* you didn't think of telling me this morning that you were planning to step down, instead of sending me on this ?
* come on, we can do better than this, this is such a --I mean, making teenagers depressed is like
* the whole buy vs lease argument is a bit of a --the actual smart thing to do is to hold on to your car for longer than 3 years
* last summer my wife and I tried to quit together--we lasted about 4 days; the addiction turned out to be too much for us to handle