Bad Moms (2) Excited

I see my friends to have a simple conversation because their kid keeps interrupting, or doing things it's not supposed to do. There's so much noise, too. It me headaches. Also, things get broken and have to be all the time. I'm not used to any of it and I don't want to used to it, either.

But I'm trying to focus on the good parts. I am to teach my kid things, teach them right from wrong, be their model. And I'll change for the better as a person. Having someone to take care of, someone who depends on you totally, someone who up to you and loves you unconditionally should do that to a person, right? But what do I know, really?

One thought that me up at night is, what if there's not a bond between me and my child? How do you fix that? I've got a friend who has no for kids even she has four of them. When her kids come talk to her, she them off and sends them away. She told me: "If I'd known what a this would be, I'd never have had kids. I'd die alone" That scares me.