Band on the Run (1) Reality Check

I don't think I'll stay in the city much longer. Everything is so expensive and at this point I can afford to pay rent, let alone some savings. We knew going in that it wasn't going to be easy. , it is a little disappointing. But it's also a that maybe we needed.

The reason we came here was because we felt that we'd done everything we could in the town that we grew . We'd already become pretty famous and there was no way for us to go but down. We figured we couldn't keep growing we moved to a big city, is how we ended up in New York.

I guess it was naive me, but I imagined that would be some kind of a domino effect. People would tell each other about us, start coming to our shows, and would take off from there. But the process has been much slower than I expected and we are out of time and money.