Billy the Kid (2) Protectin' My Son

INV: You got a problem with that, too?
MTH: I do, .
INV: Why's ?
MTH: Protecting my son, .
INV: Huh. Well, all right .
MTH: So, we here?
INV: Nah. I'm not going .
MTH: You're not, ?
INV: Not yet.
MTH: What's that mean?
INV: I'll for a while if that's ok you.
MTH: I told you, it's not.
INV: Well, that's just , I guess.
MTH: , what am I gonna do, right?
INV: Right. Is it ok if I at least sit down?
MTH: .
INV: All right. Don't .
MTH: You .