[BoS3] Betty's Shrinking World


My world to be England, California, India, places like that. I came to New York I could act and dance and maybe make it big someday. Now I'm in this little apartment without able to go out.

I live on the second floor, and I'm just not capable of it down the stairs. It's five or six years since I last got out, maybe more. I used to go out a lot -- I  go see a theater play, dance performances, concerts, or I'd by a friend's place. Well, not .

It all started falling in the street one day. I had an with my eye doctor and I was on my way to 23rd and Eighth Avenue to catch the uptown bus. I was crossing the street and suddenly I fell and my chin hit the ground. I was afraid of going outside then on. Now, I prefer to stay inside. I feel much safer here. I think I'm better this way.