[BoS3] Clara and Tara


I've always loved being read . Each and every night my parents read me bedtime stories. My favorites were ones they made . My mother had already read me something, but I'd beg her to stay, so she'd promise a quick story with the lights . Then she'd make up something about these twins, Clara and Tara, who fought school.

One , I remember her telling me about how Clara put some sticky stuff in Tara's shampoo bottle. Tara put the shampoo and her hair ended getting all messed . In the end the sisters came very close to killing each other this. These are the kind of stories my mother used to tell me. And I remember them fondly. They have been weird and inappropriate for someone my age but I loved them the same.

I'm same way, hopefully. A few years now I'm going to be reading my kids twisted stories, assuming and maybe hoping they won't remember them adults. Reading aloud is always a good thing, when you're being slightly freakish.