[BoS3] The Other Eddie Murphy


So I'm 13 and Thanksgiving rolls and all our dirtbag relatives are at our house, mainly because we have a house and there's free food. They ask us about our neighbor, Eddie, just they don't have to talk to each other. when we realize we haven't really seen Eddie Halloween.

Now, he is a Vietnam veteran, my Dad is a colossal pussy. He tries to change the subject, but my uncles keep saying, You'd go check on the old guy, man, just make sure he's ok, until finally Dad goes, "Fine, I'll go over there," and he takes me with him.

My Dad and I, we ever did together ( watching a lot of scary horror movies) was go to flea markets. So second we walk into Eddie's house, we forget about looking for him and we start appraising everything. "Hey, that chair looks kind of cool, I  how much it'd sell for."

A few minutes later I realize we're forgetting something and I say, Hey, aren't we to be looking for Mr. Murphy? So we walk in the bedroom and we see Mr. Murphy. He's lying on the bed with no clothes and he's missing two thirds of his skin. Not only was he dead, some point, his dogs ate parts of him, which seemed to killed them--they were all lying dead around the bed.