The Other Eddie (1) Hellraiser

I grew up just outside Boston, in the suburbs. At the age of 13 I was miserable, I was punk rock, I thought nobody got me... meaning it was not all different now. Also, the age of 13 I seen more or less every horror movie ever made.

I'd seen some horribly inappropriate things in those movies and the reason I'd seen them was because my parents took me to the theater pretty every week. I went to see Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, you name . They took me to see Hellraiser, for crying loud.

Now, the time I thought that it was pretty cool. None of the other kids got to see these movies and they were all so jealous me. I also had a subscription a horror magazine and my parents were totally fine that.

an adult I realize these people were just shitty parents who were too cheap to pay for a babysitter. They were assholes, not to put too fine a point it. But then I thought they were awesome. So that's sort of where I was at the time.