The Other Eddie (2) Charlies

There was a guy in our neighborhood named Eddie Murphy. Not the Eddie Murphy, this one was a very different Eddie Murphy. He was white, for thing. He also used to be a train conductor, which I'm pretty sure Eddie Murphy the actor never was. , our Eddie still wore his train conductor uniform. That's how we knew what he used to do for a  . Not that we , really.

Eddie was roughly in his 80s, he had five dogs and they were all named Charlie. We never quite figured out if he knew he had many dogs. Maybe he thought he only had one and he there was something wrong with his eyes, is why they all had the same name.

Eddie was kind of and we kids were told to stay away from him. He always had a fire burning in his backyard and I imagined him having to keep balance between order and chaos in our universe by this fire going. Turns out he just didn't want to pay for trash . We kids tried not to with Eddie because why would you, but sometimes it was unavoidable.

Like, we'd be on our way home from school and we'd run into Eddie and make some talk, which we were all really bad at. Weirdly , he would always ask us the same question. Apropos of , he'd go, "You boys been watching the BBC?" This is a very strange question to ask in general, when talking to little children in America.