The Other Eddie (3) Stevie

Eddie didn't have any family, I know, except for this one gentleman who looked exactly like Santa Claus, white beard and all, and who only visited in the summer. Interpret that you like. There was also this mentally woman that dropped by every so often on the weekend. Her name was Stevie, she wore white and she liked to engage people in conversation.

The only our family ever did anything as a family was when we needed to get out of the house without to talk to Stevie. My mom would make a phone call to Mr. Murphy and ask to speak with Stevie. Dad be looking through the curtain and once Stevie walked into the house he would be like, Go, in the car, now!

The only neighborhood tradition we had actually Mr Murphy. Aside from him asking us if we had seen the BBC, the only other interaction was when every Halloween, at dusk, he'd dress as the Budweiser Werewolf (the mascot had been just long enough for him to get the costume), he'd light a flare, do two laps around the block, the flare into a telephone pole, throw some peanut butter cups into the air and yell, Fuckers! He did this for five minutes, until he out of cups. Then he went back into the house and my parents would be like, Go get those cups!

So I'm 13 and Thanksgiving around and all our relatives are at our house, mainly because we have a house and there's free food. They ask us about Eddie, they don't have to talk to each other. when we realize we haven't really seen Eddie since Halloween.