The Other Eddie (5) Death

Now, I don't know if you guys are with that famous photo of Marilyn Monroe where she's face down on silk sheets after she has —well, that's what it looked like, if you replace Marilyn Monroe with an old train conductor and a bunch of decomposing dogs with the same name.

I'm sorry to say that Mr. Murphy did not die . He looked like Death had come him personally. I pictured him turning around and greeting Death and asking Death if Death watching the BBC. I would be really disappointed if I found out that that didn't happen. Mr. Murphy's arm was up above his head and there was no on it, it was just bone. It kind of looked like a cartoon where someone pulls a fish out of their mouth.

Now, in mind that at this point I had seen every horror movie ever so the first thing that to me was, Meh, not very convincing. My next thought was, This is obviously fake and no one's gonna it—you really have to better than that, Mr. Murphy, to convince this guy that you're dead.

The place smelled pretty bad, but probably not that much different from he was alive. I  if the dogs actually died from eating Mr. Murphy. They looked awful, they were in tumors and they had very little hair.