The Other Eddie (6) Wreck

So I'm examining the scene, while my dad, the Vietnam veteran, is out. He's screaming, Oh dear God! and at one point he actually backs up into the wall and down, then he starts vomiting. Now, remember I only knew how to react to things on movies so I figure, I guess I'm gonna have to slap the guy. So I went over and him real hard and I said, Be a man! Obviously I wasn't gonna start investigating any so we just left.

We walk back over to our house and all our relatives like, So what's going on? My dad is a  at this point so one of my aunts him in a blanket like he just finished a marathon. I'm like, The guy's dead, and I see one of my uncles another one of my uncles a $20 bill—he was obviously good on a bet they had made. Then I say, The dogs ate him, and they're also dead, and then I see my uncle hand back the money, probably thinking, Damn it, I should have down on that one.

We need to call the police, because if you find a dead body, that's what you do. None of my relatives wanted to do it and my dad's just to himself now. So I  making the call. I say, We just found our neighbor, he's dead, also his dogs ate him. I hang up and my dad out, Why on earth did you mention the dogs?!