The Other Eddie (7) What About This One

The first thing that into my head is, they don't think that we did that. I mean, we're obviously poor people and now we all look well-fed and half of Eddie Murphy is missing. And my Dad is like, Oh yeah, fair , that's a good . Anyway, the police eventually came and it all got out.

The weird thing is, I felt nothing the time, I was totally numb. I was so used to all these dead bodies that this didn't really seem that much out of the . In fact, it was kind of , to be perfectly honest.

Ever since then for some reason, the universe, like, every six years or so, for me to find a dead body, probaby to check and see if I'm a human being yet, to see if I have from seeing all those horror movies. It's kind of like, It's been six years so here's another one—are you gonna react like a person to THIS one?

And I'm always like, Nah, I think I'd just keep on going as a jaded bitter emotionless person, thank you very much. Anyway, it's again, so this year I'm expecting to find another dead body at some point.