[BoS3] The Life of Oliver


A couple of days ago, a group of girls called Oliver up while he was watching a movie, and Gina and I decided to on him. We get a huge out of it. For about thirty minutes we heard him say was, uh-huh, I guess, uh-huh, I dunno, uh-huh, and then the conversation was over. Who was that? Gina asked him and he said, I dunno. Girls? asked Gina. , he said. Girls that you like? she asked. I guess, he said.

Last weekend Oliver and my mom went to Toronto to see a ballgame and when he came home he gave Gina a  monkey that he had bought with his own money. Later, I told him that was such a nice thing to do and he explained that he felt Gina was feeling a little lately and while being away he realized that he loved her a lot more than he thought. Wow, Oliver, I said, that is so sweet. He said, Okay mom, but can we not go talking about it?

By the way, have you ever watched, from a distance, a bunch of thirteen-year-old boys away, laughing, swearing, insulting each other, just basically the shit, and then as you get closer to them, they right up and stare out in the distance like they've just had electroshock therapy? I can't smiling every time I see that happen, but I make sure they don't notice. I suppose they'd be . But what do I know? I'm a middle-aged mother of two, for God's sake. You tell me.