[BoS3] But Then She Got High


Let me it this way: even though I'm living in a homeless shelter, this is the I have ever hated my life. Sounds weird, I know, but it's the truth. I didn't have a nice childhood.

I was by my mother who was very verbally abusive. I was a kid, and she'd make fun of my weight whenever she got mad at me, calling me Fatty in front of my friends, saying I her of this overweight actor whose name I forget.

My mother was constantly on drugs. I'd come into the kitchen sometimes and find her out at the sink with the water running. That's how I learned that drugs with your head and make you do stupid things. Not that it helped me away from them.

She first gave me heroin when I was 17. That's right, she's the one that got me . She spent all her welfare money on drugs. Once she out of both dope and money, she make me go out and beg to support her . That really me up, I think, having to beg my mom could get high.