[BoS3] Oliver's Hat


The day Oliver bought himself a hat that Porn Star on it and I was kind of upset it and I asked him not to wear it in public. My sister and my mom also asked him not to wear it, and he said, Maaaaan, would you all just . But Oliver, I said, do you know what a porn star is? No, mom, he said, what's a porn star? And I said, well, okay, it's when a becomes very good at, you know, like...

And he said, Yes mother, I know what a porn star is, I was kidding, God. And then he told me it was a brand, just a brand, or maybe he said a band, I can't remember. And I said, well, okay, if that's the then I'm gonna get a Porn Star hat for me too, and one for Auntie M. and one for Grandma, and we'll all wear them, if it's just a brand. Fill your boots, he said, and wandered .

So, it was kind of a dilemma. Take his hat away or just let it go or buy him a different . I suggested getting a different one, and he said yeah, go , get me one with Paddington the Bear on it. So, finally, my sister called and said she'd give him twenty bucks not to wear the Porn Star hat and he said he'd think about it. thing I know my sister's beaming and he's twenty bucks richer. How is that?