[BoS3] Don't Cry For Me, Louie

[ HATE THE AUTHOR, LOVE THE EBOOKS ] LOUIE: So how long are you going to Paris for? I mean, when are you coming back?
PAMELA: Listen, here's the . You might want to yourself. The reason I'm going to Paris is to make it work with my kid's dad. And I'm not coming back.
LOUIE: That's what I was afraid you were doing. How can you not be coming back?
PAMELA: Well, I  let you know it was never going to work out between the two of us, right?
LOUIE: You did. A  of times.
PAMELA: And though I've made it clear to you that there's no in hell of you ever being with me, you still got all your hopes pinned on me, am I right?
LOUIE: Absolutely.
PAMELA: Right. So what I'm saying to you is, it off. You gotta on, Louie. I'm going to Europe, for God's .
LOUIE: Look, I know the chances are slim, but I believe we're to be together.
PAMELA: Come on, man. I'm not even to you. Why do you keep me say mean things to you?
LOUIE: I'm just saying, this guy is a  of shit.
PAMELA: Don't think I don't know that.
LOUIE: He walked out on you and the kid and now, on a  , he wants you to be together again. Am I missing something?
PAMELA: No, you pretty much it.