Boy Meets Girl (1) Asians and Redheads

About a decade ago, when I lived in my parents' house. I would take the same route on my way to and from work. There were these two interesting families that lived that route. I'd never actually met them, but in the Midwest, anything unique out.

The first house I passed as I took a turn at the end of my street, was an Asian family. They seemed to love sports. They were constantly playing games in the and they took them very seriously. The second house I passed was across the street and about five houses down the street from this one. These guys were a of redheads whom I'd see day in and day out doing crazy stuff, like ride unicycles or juggle. They had those 10 foot tall unicycles that you really don't want to fall of.

One day, I was driving past the first house and the Asian family was out putting up a basketball hoop. The father was doing most of the work, but his 10 year old daughter was helping excitedly. From that point every time on my way home from work I'd see her practice. It didn't matter if it was dark, cold, sunny, windy, she was out there shooting hoops. I really came to admire her dedication and .

, down the street, the redheads kept biking and juggling. One of these kids was a boy around the girl's age. I noticed this kid working around the neighborhood at a very young age. He'd be weeding yards or washing his neighbors' cars. As he got older he started lawns and trimming . He seemed like a real . I have a soft for kids like that, hard-workers who don't want to depend on other people's money, so seeing him always gave me a warm inside.