Boy Meets Girl (2) Mission Accomplished

One day I'm on my way home from work and I see him out in his own driveway dribbling a ball two-handed. He looks kind of , like someone who hasn't had much experience with sports. But he doesn't care. A few months later, he's himself on the roof of his garage installing a brand new basketball hoop. I liked to think he saved up to buy that hoop rather than have his parents buy it for him. It just my heart seeing him struggle to put that thing up. It was clear he had a on the girl and was trying to impress her.

Over the next few weeks, anytime the girl is out shooting hoops, is the boy. I watch him shoot and I see him glance down the street every time he makes it to see if she saw. When he makes it and she sees, she gives him a thumbs-up and he . One day I see them together. She's teaching him dribbling moves, they boy is really it and she seems to be having a good time too.

Let me fast a few years. They're older now, they're both in high school. I can tell the girl's on the basketball team in some capacity. I mean, she's seriously good at this point. The boy's over in her driveway all the time, helping her practice. He seems to be encouraging her and jokes in between shots, trying to make her training more .

Then one day a few months later, I'm driving home from work. It's spring. I have had a lot on my lately so those two kids have kind of slipped my mind. Suddenly I see the red-haired kid walking down the towards the girl's house. He's wearing a tux. I do a take. What's going on here? I drive a little and I see the girl in this beautiful prom dress standing out in the yard with her family.