Boy Meets Girl (3) Keeping Tabs

I'm like, this I have to see. I drive around the block I can take all of this in properly. Then one more time. I end up driving by a bunch of , just beaming the whole time and also up. It totally my day. I see people take pictures, the red-haired family is hugging the non-redhead family. I get up even thinking back on it now.

Those two must both be in college now. Every once in a I stop and wonder if they're still together. Thing is, I don't live in the same area . I've moved a few times since then and now I live all the way across the country. The last I saw them, they were going on walks together, holding hands and whispering to other. Whenever they saw me, they waved and smiled.

Now, I have a little to make. I have actually found out what their names are. Now I keep tabs on them on social media to see if they end up together. People have such a hard finding true love these days--getting it right on the first try seems like something of a miracle. is why I'm for this couple so hard. I hope that they can handle whatever life has in store for them and come out the other end. I'd love to see them teach their own kids how to dribble the ball one day, or juggle. The I see it, this world could definitely more Asian basketball players as well as red-haired unicycle riders.