The Burcak Story (1) Backseat Driver, Me


Let me tell you what happened to me the night. Nothing big, mind you. It was just one of those nights that makes you think there's someone there stringing us and having a hell of a time watching it. That's how I felt .

It was a Thursday. I'd just finished teaching and got back home on my bike. It was almost eight and I had to be back in town nine to play some hockey with a bunch of my friends. Not anyone would missed me if I flaked it, but still.

I usually ride a bike to town but not when it's dark. I took the car instead, though I knew this was asking for trouble. We'd only had the car for a few weeks and although I have a driver's license, I hadn't driven about seven years until very recently.

The reason I didn't drive was because for a long time my wife and I had no car all and whenever we borrowed my parents' I was more than happy to sit in the passenger seat commenting my dear wife's driving skills. I'm sure she feels just excited this arrangement.