The Burcak Story (2) Good Karma My Ass


Anyway, this night the car was the only way for me to go. Funny thing was, I knew very well this thing was going to go off the at some point. I was about to go play a game I don’t really care at a time when I’m already exhausted and wishing I was in bed, and I was going to use a of transport I hadn’t really up to yet. (Not to mention the other way .) But I'd been asked to pick up a player on the way so I had no choice but to go.

When I set I checked my watch and noted that I was making pretty good time. There was no need to through intersections, red Ferraris or look for where none had been discovered. Maybe I was going to pull it after all. Maybe no one would get run , no utility poles would get , no tow trucks would have to be called to a with a car stuck in it. Maybe I had up some good karma to make a miracle happen. Or maybe not.