The Burcak Story (8) No Hard Feelings


The cop said goodbye or the cops say when they have to let you off the and walked back to his car. I put the car in reverse to back up a little I misshifted and almost them over again. If this had been America, I would have been dead. Twice.

The hockey went as usual. I sucked big time and did most of my teammates. We got . When I got back home, the first thing I saw was a big bottle full of burcak a friend had given me the day before. The same burcak that almost got me into a few hours earlier. But hey, no feelings.

I'd been warned that there was a possibility that the burcak had bad, but that warning didn't really . What did stick was another thing the guy said: just in it hasn't, you'd drink it now before it does. I remembered hearing that part.