The Burcak Story (9) Bigger Fish To Fry


I sat down and myself a glass. Suddenly it was three hours later, the bottle was empty and I didn't feel too good. I remember there being a movie on TV (oh yeah, TV was still a ) about a couple who saw something they weren't supposed to see and now they were being hunted by a corrupt police force. I so wanted to for them, but my stomach kept reminding me that I had bigger to fry.

Long story short, it turned out the burcak had indeed gone bad. I puked my out that night. The morning was no better. I was supposed to teach two classes that afternoon but at two I still felt kind of . In fact, I felt woozy the two lessons, but somehow no one noticed. I what that says about my non-drunk classes.

When I talked to my wife later that day, she told me she'd had a little of the burcak herself and threw up . This put an end to any doubts I may have had. Yes, I had drunk a liter and a half of bad burcak.

So three things happened to me during this very night. I drove my car and got pulled over. I played some sports. I got drunk. Big deal, right? Most guys don't a day complete until all of those things have happened to them.