Candy Goes (1-a) Ground Rules

My kids are going to be shocked once they become adults and learn that I've basically playing a character their whole lives. That's right, I'm not who they think I am. The character that I play when I'm them is totally different the real me.

At home I'm a strict guy who sets boundaries and ground rules everyone has to follow. Every day I pretend to care things that in reality mean nothing me. I punish my kids being disobedient. I don't let them get with anything. If they act or mouth , they know will be consequences.

The thing is, though, in reality I'm pretty laid . I don't care if my kids don't make their beds in the morning or scratch the floor a knife or spill some juice on the couch or grab a crayon and write on the wall or if they get trouble in school. I honestly don't give a damn. But my character .