The Cat Lady

I go to Miami every weekend to see my cats, Woody and Zoey. They live with my mother. I bus to wherever I can get the cheapest flight. Sometimes that's Detroit. Usually it's Philadelphia. This week it be New York. The travel is exhausting but it's cheaper than getting a pet-friendly apartment.

It was supposed to be a temporary situation, but I've the trip for about five years now. I decided not to have kids, but I enjoy having someone to take care of. The cats are getting old and the older they get, they rely on me. I feel like I can't .

I wish I could tell you why I get so things. I guess I have always been like that. , Grey's Anatomy has been dumb for the past twelve seasons but I still watch every week and it still makes me cry. How silly is that? I'm a grown-up. I should be able to that don't bring me . Oh well.

I've been thinking of finding the cats a new home lately. But I'm having a lot of trouble finding the right person. Everybody that I know that's good at pets already has eight cats.

Anyway, my sister with me because I about my cats. She keeps telling me never to talk about my cats people ask. But you ask. Besides, what to talk about? Oh wait, I donated a kidney last year. You want to know how ?