[BoS3] The Boy from the D.R.

I grew up in the Dominican Republic with my grandfather and grandmother. of them had any education but they knew its and constantly explained to me how much easier life is for a person with a  .

The house we lived in was half-concrete and half-wood. When it rained outside, the water would in and we'd have to out all our pots and pans to catch it. I earned money by shining shoes and selling peanuts. I didn't working hard and at the very least it me out of trouble.

I came to America when I was 14, and I told my grandparents that I was going to save up money to buy them a new house. I worked at a carwash for four years, and the time I was eighteen, I had been able to save up $20,000.

I told my grandparents to start their bags and looking into what kind of house they wanted because we were to start building. Then that December, they both got hit by cars, two weeks apart, on the same corner. I almost crazy.