Good Cop Dad Cop: At Breakfast

SON: You want me to eat all this?
DAD: Hey, never a real breakfast. You get a case, you won't eat for hours.
SON: All right. When's your job interview, by the way?
DAD: Around 10:00. Give or .
SON: You know you can't be late.
DAD: Would you relax? You're making me nervous.
SON: Look, Tina to a lot of trouble to make that happen.
DAD: Oh, it's Tina now? sweet.
SON: Knock it off. There's nothing on between me and Tina.
DAD: I didn't say there was. Hey, why aren't you using those sugar packets?
SON: .
DAD: There's always reason.
SON: Ok, I'm trying to back on sugar.
DAD: Is it because the packet IHOP by any chance?
SON: Yes. I'd rather not use something you took without permission.
DAD: Come on, give me . Everybody takes a bunch of these.
SON: That doesn't make it right. You break one rule, they all break. It's a slippery .
DAD: Do me . Don't quote your mother to me. I was married to the woman for 30 years.
SON: That may be true, but I'm who actually listened to what she had .