good cop, dad cop

I'm in my early 30s and I'm a police officer in New Jersey
so is my dad; or rather, so was my dad, until
you see, my dad was to retire after he was caught taking bribes
you have to understand, my dad is an old-school cop
to him, there's nothing wrong with taking
it's part of being a cop; otherwise what would be the ?
my dad and I are two very different people
in fact, you could say we're polar

my dad is really outgoing, always the life of the party
he's what's called an male, or a man's man
he's well-liked among the cops, the arrest
and he still out with the other guys all the time
those same cops would die than hang out with me
I'm a bit of a cold , I'm very organized and honest
apparently the other guys make fun of me my back
I don't , I'd rather be made fun of than break the law

the other day my dad and I were driving home together
we stopped at an because the light was red
after about a minute my dad the light was broken
he told me to drive through, but I said I was going to wait
to make sure the light actually was broken / the light was working
it my dad crazy, I thought he was going to kill me
out he was right, the light was actually broken