Gross Coworker (1) The Quirks

I work in a small office, with less than 10 people total. I've been working with this particular coworker, let's call him Paul, for 5 years. Paul has kind of been getting my nerves lately. I feel like I have had to put his way more than I should be expected .

Paul's always dressed a bit than everyone else, but we're all programmers, no one really . It's how a programmer is supposed to dress, I guess. Everyone else mainly wears jeans and T-shirts or hoodies, sometimes a if there's a meeting or something.

My boss wears a collared shirt and dress pants pretty much every day. Personally I prefer jeans and sweaters/blouses. Paul started dressing nicely, but the years it's gotten worse, eventually leading to lots of really T-shirts and sweatpants.

Now, for the past month, he's been wearing the exact same every day. Exact same stained, ratty T-shirt and exact same pair of old sweatpants. I find it really and unprofessional. Sometimes we have clients or come visit us, and he's there in basically dirty pajamas. I feel like it badly on everyone.