Gross Coworker (2) Running Jokes

Paul's desk is pretty disgusting, too. All his pens and pencils are chewed, which is actually fine with me. To his own, you know. I'm a bit of a control myself, but I think there's space for in this world, too. But Paul also keeps a washcloth at his desk to on and that kind of me the wrong way.

Paul is a heavy smoker and doesn't have good dental hygiene . As a result there's a brown stained washcloth on his desk at all times. Not to old food, tons of coffee cups, etc. Once again, when clients or high-ups come to visit, I feel about them seeing his desk.

I've never really it up before, especially with my boss, who doesn't seem to care at all. There are a few jokes about Paul's hygiene, but other than that no one else seems really by this. Maybe it's because I'm the only woman in the office?

So I guess I'm just wondering if I should continue my tongue about this? It doesn't really me, except when Paul touches my stuff without washing his hands, so I don't know if it's a big deal or if I'm just being concerned about it? I also wonder if it's a cultural thing? He's Chinese, I don't know if that makes a .