sweet home indiana (2a) tricky laws

seems like a situation, except liquor stores obviously don't like the way Jay has been able to take of this loophole, and they have been fighting it ; they say Jay is making a of the laws of Indiana and that's not cool and he needs to stop; you can't just a few folding chairs and call it a restaurant; but defining what exactly makes a restaurant a restaurant is and challenging

in the end they took the to court; Jay was brought in to defend himself; he explained to the legislators: here's what we are doing, it's all , we're not breaking any laws; the legislators had to admit that he was in fact following the law

but they also the intent of the law (the law was clearly to stop people from selling certain products in certain stores), which Jay must have been ; but either ignored it or it or tried to get around it

Jay says that Indiana's liquor laws are ridiculous and and he may have , but he's fighting a battle against a very powerful liquor lobby; there's been a lot of pressure on the legislators to change the laws to make it harder/impossible for Jay to sell beer