sweet home indiana (2b) that's not that

the legislators eventually and added some fine print, including a condition that Jay won't be able to (unless he figures out a way to get around it, in case new conditions will likely be added until Jay throws in and admits defeat)

the law is expected to pass by April 2018, and once this happens and Jay's permit runs out, he won't be allowed to sell cold beer in his stores anymore; if he does, he risks his license taken away

you'd think that's that, it's the end of the for Jay's little experiment, let's move on; but that's never with fine print; fine print usually with one problem by creating a bunch of new ones that weren't there before (the law of consequences)

which is how this law ended up banning some places from selling cold beer that totally didn't see it coming, such as bowling alleys or golf courses, they were totally by the changes and expect them to hurt their line; lucky for us, there is a solution to this: more fine print! and if that fails, in even more fine print; and then more, you know, just in case