Home is Where the Heart Is (1) My Big Italian Family

I'm from a town with one traffic light. one. It's mostly antique shops and not very good either. I think I have ever been to one. There are very few bars and all the restaurants close by eight. So there's not a lot to do in of social life. And there's not much opportunity profesionally, .

My family is Italian. We get together every Sunday to eat dinner. My sisters their families over, and I get to see my nieces and nephews, I really enjoy. Everyone I love is there. It's something I really look to even though it gets really loud and crazy sometimes and I with a headache.

I thought I'd have a house , too. And a wife. And a of kids. But instead I'm living in my parent's basement. Mostly it's to save money and pay off , but that's not all. I kind of got used to taken care of, I think, and not having to about things.