what's love got to do with it (3) back on

it out you had just gotten divorced
after being married a pro athlete for ten years
I'd been engaged four or five times (I lost track)
but of those relationships worked out

we started hanging out like we did in the old
it wasn't at first, although I wanted to be
I if there was a way for us to get back together
but I didn't like the idea of you into anything
still, I figured we weren't any younger
so at one point I , you took some time to think about it
then you accepted, and we have been married since

sure, we had our ups and downs, who ?
but we were always able to past/through them
I wouldn't spending the rest of my life with you
in fact, there's no one I'd spend the rest of my life with

not many people to marry their high-school sweetheart, their best friend,
the love of their life, and their soulmate, all into one
I did, it took me over 20 years to make it happen
I guess it's like say, good things come to those who wait