Hero Just For One Day

The I see it, Marvin Heemeyer was a professional welder who was simply trying to make a living running a small car shop. The guy felt that he was getting royally screwed by everyone in town and he probably wasn't wrong that. He spent years banging his head the wall and at some point he snapped and decided to get .

Deep I think that everyone has to respect the fact that Marvin Heemeyer stood his ground and didn't put all the bullshit. He had been jerked enough, and he decided to actually do something it.

Sure, the way he went it may have been a little misguided, but it was spectacular, and he made a hell a statement. He fought like we all sometimes wish we could.

Let's not also forget that he went his way to avoid injuring innocent bystanders, I think is admirable and he doesn't get enough credit for that. (* It's true that no one Marvin was hurt, but it wasn't lack of trying.)