Going Mental (1) Unimpressed

1. Look, as a doctor, it's just frustrating to see a patient not take care of herself like that. This woman has so much and it breaks my heart to watch her just away. I'd never expect this kind of a woman to let herself like that.

2. Some nights I'm so frazzled I don't even to heat up the spaghettiOs. I just them in cold and go to bed. I'm pretty with myself afterwards, obviously, but sometimes I just can't be to put in any at all.

3. I don't know what to call this girl. You see, the behavior of young people me sometimes. Recently, we in something called a "group hang." It was like a date, but there were seven other people there. It was very confusing.

4. There's something about a guy in uniform that's pretty to a woman, huh? -- Actually, I found women were a lot more impressed when I was out of my uniform... if you get my . Seriously, though, a lot of the chicks I know nothing about the game of baseball. In fact, one actually brought a book to a game to time between pitches.

5. I have been a great to my mother. She thinks I'm a . She says I need to loosen up and get laid more. -- Well, it's not for of trying, is it?