Going Mental (2) Distracted

6. Sometimes your mother gets very emotional, children. Women have a to get upset when you treat them like , you know.

7. I tried to be very sensitive, I really did, but she out and she hasn't been answering my calls since. -- You can't go up to a woman and tell her that her shirt is or distracting to you or whatever the hell you said. That's just Good Manners .

8. Kids, I'm afraid there's no way you can cheer me up at this point. when whiskey, good deeds and failed.

9. Although to be honest, it also creates a problem for me. You see, if I kill the two of you, which is still not off the , then I'll have to the whole project off. As a businessman, that would just stick in my craw. It'd just me to no .

10. I've been getting really fidgety in that house. Like I got tiny little bumps around on the inside of my skin. And it makes me antsy and testy, too. Look at this guy, in the middle of the intersection. People like that need to be hanged!