Going Mental (3) Hurting

11. Not having any type of savings is unbelievably stressful. Take of having so few expenses while you can. Not to worry about rent, cell phone bills, groceries, health insurance, etc. is one of those things you won't appreciate until it's a memory.

12. Then, I went on a trip with Helen's family. I was extremely depressed trying to get off my depression meds and deal with a stressful work schedule. As if that weren't bad , I was sick the whole time with a stomach bug. I was trying my best to keep up , but I was really hurting.

13. This was during one of our bad fights where she broke up with me and I was in a bad place and I was the relationship overall.

14. I recently set up my and I felt like I was on a roll. Then this guy comes and basically talks me it. It sounded like a great idea at the time, investing in my future kids'/wife's future, but I know now.

15. You've smoked your share of pot in college, didn't you? I mean, you at least tried it. Do you remember it having an effect on your mood, like changing it in any way, or... -- Yes. It made me more serious. -- Really? Because I mostly remember it made me light-headed. That's it.

16. You need to lighten up and stop being such a blanket. Go to these parties with her, drink, and be dynamic and awesome and someone who she wants to show to her new friends.