going mental (4) keepin' it together

Josh, I broke up with your father. I tried to keep it together for Grace, but I think she is better with two happy parents than two sad ones together. -- I agree. Kids can always . I was just super-relieved when Mum and Dad got divorced.

Every time I see Patty I gotta kiss her hello and it's so awkward. I did it once on her birthday and somehow it mushroomed. Now I seeing her because it makes me super uncomfortable. I wish I knew how to make it stop but I don't even know how to it up with her.

To tell you the truth, I thought David was going to be more bowled over by your presence. He took it pretty calmly. I mean, I used to be very by you. Now I've seen you in person, I wonder what all the was about.

I'm a little nervous. Your surprise school inspection caught me totally off-guard. -- Well, that's the surprise . You'll be fine as long as prove to us that you have been running a ship here like you're supposed to.

I frantically check my hairline whenever I walk a mirror, feel around for differences in thickness, and constantly take photos of the back of my head with my phone. When I'm around family or friends, I keep asking them if they think I'm balding or not. Seeing hairs on my pillow me a heart attack every time.

One-car accidents seem a little your pay-grade, detective. Or were you just rubbernecking? Anyway, the reason I ran off the road was I got . All of a sudden, there's a cop in my rearview mirror. It spooked me and I lost control.

Nothing weird, just that it usually with people with limited mobility, advanced age, obesity, poor health... None of which fit our victims. Victims? Plural? You mean there's another one? There's been another spontaneous combustion? me intrigued.

The funeral's at 3:00, followed by a reception. I want you all your best behavior. All eyes are gonna be on us because we accidentally startled a man with a genetic heart . If you really think about it, his parents killed him.